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“The art of progress is to preserve order amid change and to make conducive change amid order”

IBNM INDIA believes in three dimensional growth that helps the organization to Build Better Business (3B). We enable the corporate sector in making their day- today operations free and fair for one and all and we ensure that the knowledge seeps through the different layers of the hierarchy and reaches to the grass-root level. Our core team of professionals believes in enhancing and enriching concepts, ideas and information that later becomes the trends. Our researchers work day in and day out to ascend the competency of the individuals, and the departments that help to build a channel of integration, giving an accurate platform to our delegates that further assist them to work in absolute tandem. We believe that “Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending”. Our workshops, seminars, conferences and in-house projects are addressed by world’s renowned leaders, trainers and speakers. The forums we organize are advanced research topics that help the organization to stay abreast with the best of practices in the corporate sector across the globe.
Up Coming Events
2 Days Strategic HR Analytics Excellence 2018 - India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Dubai and Malaysia
3 Days World Class Health Care Excellence 2018 - India, Dubai, Saudi Arab, Indonesia, Thailand, Bejjing, and South Africa
2 Days Global Crime Management Excellence 2018- India, Istanbul, Egypt, Kenya, and South Africa
3 Days Fraud Excellence 2018- India, Bangladesh, Dubai, Saudi Arab, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, Tanzania, and Kenya
2 Days World Class Hospital Management Excellence 2018- India, Sri Lanka, Istanbul, Indonesia and Uganda
4 Days Manufacturing Excellence With Artificial Intelligence Vision 2020- India, Singapore, China, Japan, and South Africa
3 Days International Trade Finance Excellence 2018- India, Dubai, China, and Kenya
2 Days Marcom Excellence Award 2018- India, Dubai, Malaysia and China
2 Days Pharma Manufacturing Excellence 2018- India, Malaysia, and China
3 Days Robots & Automation Award Excellence 2018- India, Malaysia, China, and UK
5 Days Certification Course on Maintenance Specialist 2018- India, Duabi, Istanbul, Indonesia, China and Kenya
12 Days Human Resource Analytics Specialist Certification Course 2018- India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Dubai, Malaysia, and China
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