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Master Class Training's 2018 Calendar:
2 Days Strategic HR Analytics Excellence 2018 - India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Dubai and Malaysia
3 Days World Class Health Care Excellence 2018 - India, Dubai, Saudi Arab, Indonesia, Thailand, Bejjing, and South Africa
2 Days Global Crime Management Excellence 2018- India, Istanbul, Egypt, Kenya, and South Africa
3 Days Fraud Excellence 2018- India, Bangladesh, Dubai, Saudi Arab, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, Tanzania, and Kenya
2 Days World Class Hospital Management Excellence 2018- India, Sri Lanka, Istanbul, Indonesia and Uganda
4 Days Manufacturing Excellence With Artificial Intelligence Vision 2020- India, Singapore, China, Japan, and South Africa
3 Days International Trade Finance Excellence 2018- India, Dubai, China, and Kenya
2 Days Marcom Excellence Award 2018- India, Dubai, Malaysia and China
2 Days Pharma Manufacturing Excellence 2018- India, Malaysia, and China
3 Days Robots & Automation Award Excellence 2018- India, Malaysia, China, and UK
5 Days Certification Course on Maintenance Specialist 2018- India, Duabi, Istanbul, Indonesia, China and Kenya
12 Days Human Resource Analytics Specialist Certification Course 2018- India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Dubai, Malaysia, and China

Conferences & Summits:
2 Days Global Robotics Technology Conference 2018 - India, Germany, Russia and UK
3 Days Smart Utility Africa Conference 2018- Kenya & South Africa
2 Days Smart Homes Conference 2018- India, Dubai, Malaysia and China
3 Days Construction Health Safety Conference 2018- India, Dubai, Istanbul and Malaysia
2 Days Global Summit in Cranes Site Management 2018- India, Dubai, and China
3 Days Smat Electricity Conference 2018- Dubai, Istanbul, Malaysia and China
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